specs 01

functional on and off the trails

The robust

The specs 01 has a timeless, sporty design reduced to the essentials. Functional on and off the trails.

specs 01
129,00 €incl. VAT.
specs 01
99,00 €incl. VAT.
specs 01
169,00 €incl. VAT.
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  • Very light material
  • Impact resistant even at cold temperatures
  • Sustainable Bio-Nylon (Grilamid BTR XE 4010)
  • Produced with 100% renewable energy
  • Nose pad and temple tips with non-slip lamination
  • Complete UVA and UVB protection (UV 400)
  • Super impact resistant / shatter protection (Base 6 polycarbonate)
  • Anti-reflective lenses protect the eyes from being dazzled
  • Double-sided, scratch-resistant, water-repellent and oleophobic coating
  • Non-polarized: Better suited to anything involving movement (biking, driving, etc.)
  • Compliance:
  • CA Prop65
  • REACH-conform
  • EU 2016/425
  • Standards:
  • ISO 12312-1:2013(A1:2015)
  • ANSI Z80.3:2018
  • AS/NZS 1067.1:2016



Light transmission:10.46%
Light conditions:Bright sun
Category: 3
Contrast: Increased
Basic color: Black
Clear color reproduction
Absorbs harmful blue light
Reduces eye fatigue


Light transmission:14%
Light conditions:Bright sun and hazy
Category: 3
Contrast: Increased
Basic color: Gold mirror
Easier to focus on moving objects
Ideal for fast sport


Light transmission:73% - 15%
Light conditions:Changing conditions
Category: 1 - 3
Contrast: Neutral
Basic color: Transparent to black
Best color rendering
Even and steady darkening in 25 seconds

on and off
the bike

The bio-nylon of the Grilamid frame is light, flexible, durable and weather-resistant.

Frame dimensions

Height (A): 43,8 mm
Width (B): 146 mm
Temple length (C): 132 mm
Weight: 28 g

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