dirtlej vest Small, light & waterproof

99,00 €


No more excuses

dirtsuit: Equipped for rough conditions

The solution for your outdoor adventures! Designed to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather condition. Made from durable and breathable materials to ensure maximum protection against rain, mud, and dirt.

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dirtlej eyewear


dirtsuit sfd edition

The dirtsuit SFD edition stays the ideal partner for bikepark, downhill or enduro tours for rough conditions (cold, rainy and muddy days). With its robust, waterproof three-layer membrane the high-performance dirtsuit is made for the roughest conditions.

dirtsuit prime edition
Design & Innovation
Award Winner

dirtsuit prime edition

for any

trailscout mtb shorts

Our durable and breathable enduro & all-mountain bike shorts. At the same time, it is robust enough not to fall apart with every minor contact with the elements.

For a

wash it

Comfortable warm
the itch

basetee drirelease® merino

The basetee baselayer offers high wearing comfort thanks to the light and comfortable warming drirelease® & merino wool material. The ideal first layer during cold weather, e.g., underneath the dirtsuit.

dirtsuit core edition
The dirtsuit
for the rough

dirtsuit core edition

Good to know

Made to last

We learned the hard way. However, due to durable materials and an absence of seasonal collections, our products have a long shelflife and you can enjoy them for years.

Repair and take-back

Our repair service is trying its best to repair whatever possible to extend a product’s life when needed. In the end, with I:CO, we take-back your pre-loved dirtlej products and help to close the loop in the textile industry.

No more excuses

We develop our products to make biking even more fun in all possible weather conditions. Why drive, when you can bike every day, even in harsh conditions?

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